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The Desert Tower is a unique property boasts over 90 acres and Stunning Desert Views situated in the In-Ko-Pah Mountains of Jacumba. Home to two California registered landmarks: #194 The Mountain Springs Station Site and #939 The Desert View Tower. The Mountain Springs Station Site commemorates the original toll road station run by Peter Larkin and Joe Stancliff from 1862-1870. The Desert View Tower was originally built from 1922-1928.


The three story tower houses a gift shop on its base floor and a spiraling stair case ascends the tower’s 70 ft to an observation deck on top. Adjacent rock caves named Boulder Park features large stones that were sculpted in 1933 by an out of work Engineer, Merle Ratcliff, during the great depression. This sculptural assemblage features animals and other folk art creatures that lurk with in the boulders.


The surrounding acreage of Desert Tower also houses Indian relics such as earthen stove and a large fertility sculpture as shown in Balboa Park's Museum of Man. Income Opportunities also available with camp site that houses multiple dwellings and has been used for music venues, yoga retreats, and other events.

Desert View Tower
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Fertility Sculpture
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